Take to your mechs and fight in this turn-based multiplayer online artillery strategy game.

Article by Richard Davey. Posted on 23rd May 2016.   @phaser_


Aerialdrop is a turn based multiplayer online artillery strategy game. Matches are broken up into 2-8 players who can team up and group into a maximum of 4 players or free for all up to 8. Starting out you will be able to pick between 6 mechs who each have 3 abilities. The abilities are broken down into 1 being their basic shot, 2 being a specialized shot and 3 being their ultimate shot. To go along with the mechs there are 6 maps for players to choose from with their own unique destructible ground.

Our actual about page is located here: http://aerialdrop.madgizmo.com/about


Once in the game, you will notice our HUD which has 3 bars. The first bar is your power, the second is your special and last is your fuel. The power bar lets you gauge how far your shot will go. Once you fill your special bar you can utilize the 6 special abilities available for all mechs. These abilities are wind change, teleport, bunker, barrier, heal and double shot. Each ability is worth a different amount of special. The Ultimate also utilizes the special bar. The last bar is your fuel which indicates how far and long your mech can move each turn.

To make things a little difficult the wind is constantly changing every turn so players will need to learn how to adapt. Players also have a time limit for their turn which is 30 seconds. Players will accumulate battle points for the damage they deal during the match. Battle points will be used as currency to upgrade your health, power, special and fuel. The game also has an advanced chat system that features private messages, and eventually a friends list. A leader board (aka ranking) also exists, so be the best, wait your turn and don't miss!

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