The Phaser Spriter Player gets an update and new examples.

Article by Richard Davey. Posted on 18th Apr 2016.   @phaser_


"Some time ago I published here article about Spriter player for Phaser. I made the code freely available at GitHub. Player is written in Typescript and GitHub code contained both the player and small example on how to use it in one project. I thought it would be easy for others to use it, but I was wrong - for some coders it would be better if there was separate .js file and also there was lack of information on usage. But if you want to have nice animations in your game like the parrot above, small obstacles should not discourage you!

So, I made a few changes - check GitHub:

  • player itself and example are both separated from each other,
  • there is added Build folder, where you can grab either spriter.js or spriter.min.js files ready to be used in your project.

Splitting player and example also forced creation of Typescript defs for player. It can be found in spriter.d.ts file in Build directory."

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