As the pirate Al Dente can you find the gold, rum and fabled relics on your Holy Quest?

Article by Richard Davey. Posted on 14th Apr 2016.   @phaser_

image released this new fantastic new adventure game:

"In the game you play the italian pirate Al Dente, who is out on a Holy Quest, trying to find gold, rum and fabled relics.

The game has a progressive Arrchievements system built in ("A" to toggle), where the players can track their progress towards the much-sought title of Master Pirate! :)"


Technical info

  • It features a procedurally generated world, which is validated for playability using the astar.js library, until a valid world is created.
  • There is a minimap as well, which shows more and more of the world as it is discovered
  • It is possible to play the game using keyboard or mouse/finger clicks, making it usable for both mobile, tablets and desktops :P
  • It is possible to toggle music on/off and fullscreen on/off
  • I am working on a highscore list using localstorage. Later I will add an online highscore list, to make it possible to compete against friends

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