A Behavior Plugin for your games, inspired by Construct2.

Article by Richard Davey. Posted on 23rd Mar 2016.   @phaser_


Luiz Bills has released a Phaser Plugin inspired by Construct2 behaviors onto GitHub.

Here is a sample of how it can be used:

// create a behavior
var sampleBehavior = {

  // default options of the behavior
  opts: {
    key: 'value'

  create: function(object, options, game) {
    // called when the behavior is ADDED to a game object

  destroy: function(object, options, game) {
    // called when the behavior is REMOVED to a game object

  preUpdate: function(object, options, game) {
    // called at the very start of the update cycle,
    // before any other subsystems have been updated (including Physics)

  update: function(object, options, game) {
    // called after all the core subsystems (Input, Tweens, Sound, etc) 
    // and the State have updated, but before the render

  render: function(object, options, game) {
    // called right after the Game Renderer completes, but before the State.render

  postRender: function(object, options, game) {
    // alled after the Game Renderer and State.render have run

// initialize the plugin
var behaviorPlugin = game.plugins.add(Phaser.Plugin.Behavior)

// add the behavior system to any object (e.g. a sprite)

// add a behavior (.create() is called)
myObject.behaviors.add('my awesome key', // a behavior instance key/identifier
  sampleBehavior, // the behavior
  { key: 'value' } // options/state (default = null)

// remove a behavior (.destroy() is called)
myObject.behaviors.remove('my awesome key')

// add others behaviors... be criative!
myObject.behaviors.add('fire ball', behaviorSpell, { damage: 300 })
myObject.behaviors.add('frost nova', behaviorSpell, { damage: 100, slow: 0.4 })
myObject.behaviors.add('invulnerability', behaviorImortal, { duration: 15 })

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