Learn to Make Games, Apps and Websites on Your Phone.

Article by Richard Davey. Posted on 15th Feb 2016.   @phaser_


Learn to create your own websites, games and mobile apps. Anywhere, at any time.

Codemurai is a mobile app that allows you to learn programming on the go. Whether your goal is to create websites, mobile apps or games, with Codemurai’s bite-sized lessons you can grab all the skills you need, anywhere, anytime!

Codemurai will be available on iOS and Android.

Learn to make websites, games and apps while waiting for a bus or at an airport. Codemurai’s lessons are short, to the point and full of interactive exercises created specially for phone screens.

Turn the process of gaining high-demand Real World skills into something truly engaging. Complete challenges and unlock new exciting content.

Newbies and advanced programmers welcome. Courses for both absolute beginners and advanced programmers will be included in this app. Every journey starts with a single step and the best step you can take will be Codemurai.


See the section "What skills you will gain in Codemurai" for a full list of topics included.

We are taking all the experience we've gained from teaching 150 thousand students at ZENVA and our previous Kickstarter campaign and we are putting in all into this one awesome project.

This is our vision on how we can leverage technology to make learning to code on the phone both fun and effective.

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