A getting started tutorial and review of the QICI Engine for Phaser.

Article by Richard Davey. Posted on 5th Feb 2016.   @phaser_


From the GameFromScratch site: "Welcome to another episode in the “Closer Look at” game engine series. The closer look series is a combination of getting started tutorial and review to help you determine if a game engine is the right fit for you.

Today we are looking at the QICI Engine and HTML5 game engine built over top of the Phaser framework which itself uses the Pixi graphics renderer. Normally when I work with a game engine, I have to spend several weeks with it before I can put together one of these guides. With QICI, it took substantially less time, only a couple days, to come to terms with the engine.

This isn’t a slight on QICI in the slightest. First, I am a big fan of the Phaser engine it is built on, so this gave me an immediate familiarity. Second, it is just an extremely good, well designed, capable and well documented game engine. Hmmm, bit of a spoiler there I suppose, but I really like the QICI engine. Read on to find out why."

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