Dig into the brilliant, quiet death of Dyg.

Article by Richard Davey. Posted on 26th Jan 2016.   @photonstorm


Caty McCarthy wrote a great piece about the game DYG for the site Kill Screen. DYG is a Phaser game created by Burgess Voshell:

"A faceless figure stands in a field. The shovel tight in grip, its body rises up and down in exhaustion. It lifts the shovel, attempting to dig a hole beneath its feet. The figure is successful and sinks slowly into the earth. But then it fails: the loud ding of the shovel hitting the hard ground rings out. The shovel didn’t cut the soil quite right, not this time, at least. The sun quickly sets behind them, promising only to bury this figure in darkness… and then what? Such is the brief, bite-sized browser-based project DYG; an aesthetically pleasing game of “labor in the field,” as the description suggests."

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