A beautiful one-button pixel art platformer with a compulsive 'just another go' hook.

Article by Richard Davey. Posted on 30th Dec 2015.   @phaser_


João P. Marques posted this excellent game to the Phaser Forum and wrote: "I've been playing with the Phaser framework for a few months now and have recently released my first game on both mobile devices as well as web browsers.

The game was developed using Phaser and Tiled for the level design. I've also used the CocoonJS wrapper to submit to the app stores.

Join our hero in his quest, raiding through dangerous ruins in search for the most precious relics. Move fast, avoid the obstacles and collect all coins to reveal the hidden treasure in each level.

  • Addictive gameplay where timing is key
  • 20 challenging levels filled with treasure
  • Beautiful Pixel Art style graphics"

This really is a great game. The polish and attention to detail is wonderful, and it's just pure fun to play as well.

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