Two games designed for non-gamers: Space Evaders and Martian Mayhem.

Article by Richard Davey. Posted on 27th Nov 2015.   @phaser_

matquango posted to the Phaser Forum: "I recently got the opportunity to develop 2 separate HTML5 games in Phaser for a client training project and wanted to share the results of that here. Please keep in mind that these are intended more as fun, interactive training modules than fully fledged games and the target audience is 40 - 50 year old tech resellers. Each game is intended to be played through in about 10 minutes by someone who may or may not have experience with games in general."

Space Evaders


Space Evaders is a top-down scrolling shoot em up style game. There are 3 "sections" and a boss battle at the end. This uses standard Arcade Physics with some extra polygonal collision detection. I created my own looping "map" system and level editor since it seemed like it fell slightly outside the realm of what Tiled could provide me.

Martian Mayhem


Martian Mayhem is a top down game where you collect cargo packages and avoid meteors, robots and falling into pits. Two level sections with the last one ending in a boss battle. It uses P2 physics (mainly for more precise collision detection) with many object bodies acting as sensors / triggers. I used Tiled to generate the levels for this game.

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