Unleash the power of the runes in this captivating match 3 game.

Article by Richard Davey. Posted on 26th Nov 2015.   @phaser_


Game studio Cangrejo Ideas are certainly on a roll. After the sublime Slingo Adventure last month they're back with Magic Stones. A stunning match 3 casual game with a fantasy power-leveling twist developed for Spil Games.

Taking the role of a wizard you must match 2 or more runes of the same color. Doing so enough times completes the level, gaining you experience points and unlocking special powers.

And it's the special powers that turn what otherwise could have been a generic game on its head. For example once gained you can activate the Fire Power by making three consecutive matches of red runes. It will then satisfyingly destroy lots of runes on the board.


Doing the same with the yellow runes invokes Lightning, Green the 'Leaf' power and Blue the Ice Power. On later levels some runes are bound with vines and freeing them dishes out lots of bonus points. There are also obstacles to avoid, a timer to beat, gold tiles to uncover and bombs to explode.

As we've come to expect from Cangrejo the presentation is outstanding. Attractive animations, great graphics and suitably evoking music. Whether match 3 games are your thing or not this is certainly another quality example of a Phaser game.

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