Stunning split-screen shooting action for 2!

Article by Richard Davey. Posted on 6th Oct 2015.   @phaser_


"Spacebombers is a two-player, heads-up game. There is no single-player mode. Invite a friend over to your place and start battling. Have a deep tactical battle comparable to a chess match. Or just fire away by going all kamikaze."

  • Fuel stations sprinkled to pretty cumbersome locations. There is not much room to manouver - or escape opponent's bombs.
  • Surprise Boxes - Will you get a double-bullet gun or extra shield? Oh my, this is getting exciting.
  • Shields - When going gets tough, the tough get going. And use shield. But beware - once you've used it, you gotta either die or hit a surprise box to get new one.
  • Weapons, Bombs, Traps and great sound effects.

"Spacebombers is meant to be played to big TV screen. My goal was to emulate console game experience "from the 90s" as well as possible, split screen and gamepad support."

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