Please help test Release Candidate 1 of Phaser 2.4.4.

Article by Richard Davey. Posted on 13th Oct 2015.   @phaser_


Today we uploaded Release Candidate 1 of Phaser 2.4.4 and would appreciate any testing feedback we can get.

We're confident it's a good solid version as it was given away with the Interphase 1 book which hundreds of you have been using, but every last test case helps.

2.4.4 is mostly focused on bug fixes and optimisations, although as always there are a few fun new features too. You can either checkout the Phaser repo and switch to the dev branch to do a custom build, or you can get the build files directly from Github. Either way we'd love your feedback please. Ideally post it to Github issues or you can use the forum or twitter too.

P.S. Bonus points for anyone who can name the game the image above comes from :)