An End to End testing framework for Phaser, backed by Nightwatch.

Article by Richard Davey. Posted on 20th Oct 2015.   @phaser_


phase-2-e is a custom Nightwatch extenstion for end to end testing CANVAS based HTML5 games written with Phaser. Backed by Nightwatch and Selenium.

Until now, e2e tests have mostly been the domain of RIA developers, websites and enterprise level applications, Absolutely no one is e2e testing Canvas based HTML5 games, beyond some rudimentary screenshot checking. Phase-2-e aims to change this state of affairs.

Nightwatch is probably the simplest, most flexible and powerful HTML e2e framework currently available... And it's pre-packed with many DOM specific commands and assertions which you can use in your HTML websites and applications. But how do you use a DOM specific API to test in CANVAS components and game scenarios? Well the answer is you can't, so these Phaser specific custom commands and assertions for Nightwatch have been written to help you join the cutting edge of Phaser game developers who are starting to realise the potential of e2e testing in games.

If you're currently using Phaser to write your HTML5 games, then you're in luck, you can use this set of Nightwatch custom assertion and commands, designed specifically for use with testing Phaser E2E!.

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