The largest Phaser book ever! 400 pages of tutorials

Article by Richard Davey. Posted on 12th Sep 2015.   @photonstorm


We've been hard at work on Interphase and are extremely excited to announce it's out!

Interphase is a 400 page bookazine complete with a coverdisk filled with source code, graphics and bonus content. It contains 8 complete games with detailed Making Of guides for each one.

There's a 100+ page comprehensive guide to the Phaser State Manager. If you've ever wondered how Phaser handles states or how to split up your game code, this guide covers it.

You'll also find 4 Tutorials covering topics like making a flip-screen game, projecting physics object trajectories and snazzy 3D effects.

Everything is supported by gorgeous pixel art graphics and the artist even wrote details about the processes that went into the designing of them for each game.

You'll learn loads about Phaser, direct from the lead developer of it, while having fun in the process.

The download includes the book in PDF, ePub and Mobi formats as well as all the source code.

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