Create your own EastEnders story

Article by Richard Davey. Posted on 17th Sep 2015.   @photonstorm


"EastEnders is the BBC's flagship soap and we're putting you at the helm. Create a story of your own, then share it with the nation."

As part of the BBC's Make it Digital season the Soap Factory allows you to build your own EastEnders show. Select from a range of backgrounds, such as the Queen Vic pub or the middle of Albert Square.

Then drop characters in, set their pose, expression, even tint them to give them a decidedly off-color look! Then add speech bubbles, audio and effects. The stories can be built up scene by scene and finally shared for everyone else to play.


Certainly one of the more diverse uses of Phaser yet!

Note: As with lots of BBC content this may be geographically locked, sorry.

Make a Story

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