It's time to make some games you miserable human scum!

Article by Richard Davey. Posted on 15th Sep 2015.   @photonstorm


The Doctor Who Game Maker is a web based game making app, primarily designed for children but awesome enough to appeal to Doctor Who fans everywhere.


Created by the BBC and the team at Aardman Digital it allows you to easily click together games in a matter of seconds. Basic templates are provided and taught through a fantastic help system narrated by Commander Strax, the Sontaran from the show. There's something strangely appealing about being called "miserable human scum" while building a game :)


Launched just in time for the start of series 9 there's a lot to discover in this game maker. The "Brain" module allows for complex logic based reasoning for anything in the game. "Effects" allow you to easily bind particle effects to objects and there's a wide range of backgrounds, sprites and imagery to choose from. Definitely a very cool use of Phaser!

Note: Due to BBC restrictions the Doctor Who Game Maker may not be available in your country, sorry about that. Blame the Daleks.

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