A stunning playable dota style battle demo

Article by Richard Davey. Posted on 12th Aug 2015.   @phaser_


In Xiamen, a city in the Fujian province, China, the company QCPlay have been hard at work creating the QICI Engine. Mostly known for their Unity built mobile games, QCPlay have recently invested in creating HTML5 games. After a long period of evaluation they picked Phaser as the platform to build on.

As well as games they've been hard at work creating the QICI Engine. This is a comprehensive suite of game making tools and technology stack. It includes new kinds of Phaser Game Objects such as ScrollViews, ProgressBars and InputFields. They've also built tools including a nine-patch editor, skeleton animation tools, a curve editor, debugging tools and lots more.

Apparently these tools are to be released fully open source at some point during September 2015. In the meantime they've been releasing demos showing what's possible, including this dota style legendary battle demo.

It's quite incredible to see these kinds of tools be created. The QCPlay team must have invested thousands of man-hours of work into them and their demos are incredible. QCPlay also support Phaser on Patreon, so as well as producing tools for the community they're helping ensure Phasers development as well.

Honestly this is quite incredible and I can't tell you how much it means to me to see Phaser used in this way. I look forward to bring you more news about QICI Engine soon.

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