Speed of Light Game promotes the bands new album

Article by Richard Davey. Posted on 28th Aug 2015.   @phaser_


Iron Maiden - Speed of Light is a track from their new album "The Book of Souls" out 4th September. If you've seen the video for it (if not it's embedded below) you'll know it's all about Eddie getting sucked into an arcade machine and fighting his way through several different games. From a pixel art platformer to a special Iron Maiden take on Mortal Kombat:

To go with the video the team at Last 17 created a game in Phaser and you can find it on the official Iron Maiden web site.


In the game you play as Eddie and must reach the girl at the top of the tower, avoiding the flaming barrels and TV sets thrown at you. There are lots of pick-ups to help, from plant pots to axes, and all you need do is whack the bad guy at the top with one of them. Then a vortex opens to the next level (don't forget to pick-up the heart the girl gives you too)


It's a great game with a lovely arcade ambiance to it. A chip-tune Iron Maiden track and some keen pixel work round it off nicely. I'm not too ashamed to admit that as a massive Maiden fan this topped off what was already a great week for Phaser game releases :)

Play the Game and rock on

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