A new publication for Phaser Developers

Article by Richard Davey. Posted on 5th Aug 2015.   @phaser_


When we started planning Interphase we wanted it to be a mixture of everything we love about game development. As children growing up in the 80s we were surrounded by type in listings, books full of games and cover disks brimming with content to dig through. We immersed ourselves in this fledgling technology and absorbed everything we could. It was an exciting and intoxicating time.

Obviously things have moved on since then. You're no longer expected to laboriously copy code from newsprint quality paper. Even the concept of waiting for something to arrive in the mail is dated. As much as we both adore printed magazines, we agreed they just aren't the best format for a publication all about coding. Once you've committed to putting ink on dead trees it suddenly becomes impossible to make edits. And of course we can't embed playable games into paper pages either.

Yet we longed to create a Phaser magazine. To create something that didn't have to conform to the traditional layout of a book (ebook or otherwise). Something containing piles of premium content that would hopefully excite a new generation of Phaser developers.

The solution was blindingly simple. To use the best tool we had at our disposal: the web. It would allow us to bundle together all manner of Phaser related content, and to do so in an interface everyone is familiar with.

A treasure trove of Phaser knowledge

So that's what Interphase is all about. A treasure trove of Phaser knowledge built on web technology: In-depth technical content with real deep-dives into the guts and inner workings of Phaser. Complete finished games with "Making of" guides, so you can learn the thought processes and code behind them. Then rip them apart and refashion them yourself. Tutorials that focus on single concepts and cover them well; and of course lots of great art for you to use.

Check out the Interphase page for a list of contents and a special 15% discount available for all pre-orders.