A sci-fi strategy game that combines tactics with coding.

Article by Richard Davey. Posted on 27th Aug 2015.   @phaser_


Empire of Code is a sci-fi strategy game that combines tactics with coding. You can play the game with or without coding skills, but the ability to code gives you an edge as you explore new frontiers. You are charged with reviving, re-building and expanding the Great Empire of Code. Along the way, you will overcome great challenges and rival factions competing to create their own empires.

The success and survival of your Empire of Code will take skill and guts to pull off:

  • Exploit resources and increase production using your own algorithms,
  • Code defensive strategies to survive and to protect your Empire from invading enemies
  • Exterminate your rivals with your own programmed smart AI, then take their resources and code for the glory of your Empire.


Empire of Code is a fun and engaging game that instills an interest to better understand technology and the code powering it. By giving you the ability to tinker with algorithms and pre-existing code, you will grow to understand the foundations of computer programming. If you're already a programmer, Empire of Code is an exciting way to challenge your skills, uniting your passion for coding and gaming.

Your adventure starts as you awake in your Command Center on a lost asteroid in some unknown sector of space. With the resources around you, you must rebuild the ancient Empire of Code. Attack your enemies, survive invasions, and build stronger armies and defenses to expand your borders and prove you are the heir to this ancient throne.


Along your journey, you will need to decide what strategies will work best for you. Do you want to wait for construction bots to finish building, or would you prefer to rush the construction by completing coding missions to earn faster upgrades? Are you satisfied with the AI running your army, or do you think you have the guts to improve their algorithms, making them smarter and more efficient? Empire of Code lets you do all this with two of the most well known programming languages around: Python and JavaScript, with other languages coming soon.

We're on a mission to expand the world's coding literacy through game-play. By reverse engineering the code that runs their army, a technique well known among the coding crowd, players will grow and expand their programming abilities quickly and easily. Empire of Code offers a new and thrilling way to learn code through play!

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