A comprehensive tutorial on creating an arcade game

Article by Richard Davey. Posted on 13th Jul 2015.   @phaser_


Zack Proser writes on his blog: "Building CanyonRunner was a tremendous amount of fun, thanks largely to Richard Davey's excellent Phaser framework. Along the way, I was assisted by many helpful Phaser community members and developers, so I wanted to give back by:

  1. Open sourcing my game (check out the repo here)
  2. Offering code samples and explaining some of the features I implemented

I've written before about how I was able to build the game from start to finish in 76 days. In the course of developing it, one of the running themes I noticed on the Phaser forums was that most developers were tackling their first game and were unsure about how to implement common game features like saved games, multiple levels, different experiences for mobile and desktop, etc.

Phaser is well organized and documented, so while its various API's and systems were easy to get started with, it was less clear to many developers how to fit everything together into a coherent gaming experience. I open sourced CanyonRunner and decided to do an in-depth post about its various features in order to create a resource for other developers that might be in the middle of developing their own HTML5 game.

Hopefully some of the features I built into CanyonRunner, such as player-specific saved games, multiple levels each with their own atmosphere and game mechanics, different experiences optimized for desktop / mobile, and alternate endings determined by player performance, will resonate with and assist other game developers."

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