Increase PhoneGap WebGL Performance in Phaser games

Article by Richard Davey. Posted on 14th May 2015.   @phaser_


Josh Morony writes: "As I’ve discussed before, PhoneGap isn’t really the best option for running a Phaser game, but it is a very easy option. If you’ve created a resource intensive game then using something like CocoonJS will probably yield better results but if the game is reasonably simple it should be fine running on PhoneGap (especially if you’re making use of this plugin).

When iOS8 was announced we learned that the WKWebView with it’s NitroJS engine would be available to replace the standard UIWebView that PhoneGap applications run through. This would mean an approximate 400% increase in JavaScript performance.

It’s been a long time since iOS8 has been released though and PhoneGap is still yet to implement WKWebView by default (although it has been planned). There have been plugins created to enable the use of WKWebView in PhoneGap applications but I’ve never found one that seemed to work nicely with Phaser games, until now.

Ludei (the creators of CocoonJS) have released a PhoneGap plugin called Webview+ for iOS (an Android version is also available). This will enable you to use WKWebView within your PhoneGap application."

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