Use gravity and velocity to beat the puzzles

Article by Richard Davey. Posted on 20th May 2015.   @phaser_


"A new physics arcade game with unique concept, where you use gravity to deliver the ball to the tube by removing the hexagons on it's way. Gravity and velocity is the key to this game!

Hexagonia is a new and fun way to test your logical thinking. If you are tired of pointless games with easy levels and really consider your self as an intellectual this is the game that will keep your mind occupied and entertain you.


The objective of the game is to deliver the ball released at the top of the screen to the tube on the bottom of the screen by removing hexagons on the way. Remove hexagons under the ball and try to drop the ball into the tube at the bottom. The ball moves down with force of gravity, so as soon as you remove the hexagon under it, it will start moving down."

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