How Evil Mouse Studios went about achieving 60fps in their isometric city game

Article by Richard Davey. Posted on 21st Apr 2015.   @phaser_


Evil Mouse Studios wrote on their blog: "I’m currently working on a game using the Javascript game engine Phaser. It’s going to be set in a city, so as part of the development process, I’m going to make a working city simulator and build the game on top of that. The last month has been spent generating landscapes, roads, buildings, and more. Once I had all of the items I wanted to generate created, I joined them together and found that it looked beautiful, but ran terribly. I had gotten to the place that every developer gets to at some point in their project: optimization.

As I started racking my brain thinking of ways to optimize, I decided to write down all the steps to show later. I’m going to be giving a short talk at work about optimizing javascript games, but I wanted to write a slightly larger companion blog post about it."

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