How a teacher develops math games for his students

Article by Richard Davey. Posted on 22nd Mar 2015.   @phaser_


"Hello, everyone. I'm a 4th grade teacher who enjoys developing educational games for, and teaching programming to, my students. Although I've done a lot of work in Scratch (an educational programming language developed at MIT), I wanted to remake one of my popular math games in HTML5 using Phaser.

I was really impressed with the examples and documentation, and was able to put this together in a few days: The Sixty Second Sweep


There are 31 products in the honeycomb that represent all 36 pairs of factors possible with the digits 2 - 9. The numbers in the purple middle row each have two pairs of factors. Type the factors for the current hexagon to move onto the next one. Type the factors for all 31 hexagons in fewer than 60 seconds and you win!"

You can get a link to play and the full source from the forum post:

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