A great new way to search the Phaser Documentation

Article by Richard Davey. Posted on 1st Feb 2015.   @phaser_

Arian Fornaris has created Phaser Chains:

"I implemented a different way to navigate into the phaser docs (and API)."

"In the main phaser doc site, sometimes is tedious to find the documentation of a method or class, you have to step from one class to other, for example, if you are developing and you write:"


...to know the signature of the sprite method, first you have to go to the top level class "Game," then when you go to the method "add" you realize it is of type "GameObjectFactory", so you open that class and finally you can get to the "sprite" method docs.

My idea is provides a textbox where you can write a "phaser chain", a piece of phaser method calls, and it displays a list of matching combinations of phaser methods. For example, if you type:


it shows something like this:

Phaser.Game.time.events.add(delay, callback, callbackContext, arguments) : Phaser.TimerEvent;
Phaser.Game.time.events.autoDestroy : boolean;
Phaser.Game.time.events.adjustEvents() : void


then you can click on one of the listed methods and the documentation is shown.

Also it contains some features like bookmark your queries.

See it here