By Richard Davey on 15th May 2019   @photonstorm


Quest is an online tool that lets you build Phaser games easily. Start your design in your tool of choice: PhotoShop, Figma (free), or GIMP (free).

Import your design into Quest to get pixel perfect setup in layers for your Phaser game. Then create animations using the visual timeline tools and add sound and music. Quest creates and optimizes sprite sheets and audio sprites to make everything optimized for the web. Then, simply press publish and get a live URL to share your game anywhere.

In this guide we'll go through the basics of creating a game using Quest.

Here are some highlights:

  • New users get 10 free projects. Sign up here.
  • Automatically converts PSD, Figma or Gimp files into working code.
  • Graphics automatically included into a spritesheet for fast loading.
  • Import SFX and Music and automatically create audio sprites.
  • Built in timeline / tween panel to animate & preview with fine control.
  • Code view to easily write game logic or download the code.
  • 1-click publish to dedicated URL that you can use anywhere.
  • Published Mobile projects are fine tuned to display perfectly on all phone sizes, OSes and device types.