Part 5 - Downloading Phaser

By Richard Davey on 25th November 2016   @photonstorm

Phaser is an open source project and available to download for free. There are no fees to pay when using Phaser, regardless if you use it for a commercial or free project.

We use github to manage the project and you have various options on how to download it. These are all explained on the download page.

Can I just get a zip/tar file?

Get Phaser by cloning the repository, grabbing the js file or downloading it all as a zip

Yes. Github provides the option to download the whole repository as a zip or tar file. However we would strongly recommend you learn to use git instead. It will allow you to easily update to the latest versions of Phaser as they are released. And if in time you wish to contribute code towards Phaser it makes doing so much easier.

If you don't fancy learning to use git via the command-line there are some great applications you can use instead. We'd recommend SmartGIT on Windows or Git Tower on OS X.

Repository Structure

The Phaser repository has just one branch: master that contains 3 folders. The v2 folder contains the last stable release of Phaser, and is the one you should try first, especially in production level games.

The v2-community folder contains Phaser CE, which is the Phaser Community Edition. You can read more about what this version is, and contains, in its own README.

Finally, the v3 folder is where we're working on the next generation version of Phaser. In here you'll find experimental features, bug fixes and API changes, some of which may not yet work. It's a living and breathing version, often changing many times a day. It's also where you'll see the bleeding-edge features we're working on.

Unless you know you need it, always use the current stable release.