Unlock the features of the Phaser 2 Scale Manager
  • 45 Pages
  • PDF, ePub and Mobi Formats
  • 5 Source Code Examples
  • Using the FullScreen API
  • For Phaser 2 / CE only
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The Scale Manager is a powerful part of the Phaser game framework. By learning how to use it properly you can explore the different scale modes on offer and ensure your game looks great no matter what screen size it appears on.

This guide covers:

  • Picking a resolution for your game
  • The different Scaling Concepts used in Phaser
  • Setting a Phaser Scale Mode with a detailed look at the 5 modes on offer
  • Game Alignment
  • Scaling on Mobile
  • Forcing Orientation
  • Using the Fullscreen API
  • Important Scale Manager Properties
  • Changes in Phaser 2.2
  • Source Code

I hope this guide helps anyone who wants to learn how to scale their Phaser games.