You're probably learning Phaser because it allows you to build awesome games right in the browser with HTML5. One of HTML5's biggest advantages is that you can use it to create mobile apps that can be built for iOS and Android and submitted to native app stores (without needing to do any native coding, as far as the 1000's of users playing your next smash hit will be concerned it will look no different to a normal native mobile game).

In this course we will be building this simple game with Phaser:

I'll talk you through all the basics of building a Phaser game that you need to know, but with a specific focus on building the game for a mobile device (it will still work on desktop just as easily as well). By the end of the course you should understand:

  • Basic Phaser concepts
  • How to build a simple and well structured Phaser game
  • How to design a full screen Phaser game that scales for any device
  • The theory of how HTML5 mobile applications work
  • How to use native wrappers like PhoneGap and CocoonJS
  • How to use plugins to access native device features
  • Methods for installing, testing and debugging your game
  • How to build and submit iOS games (on a Mac or PC)
  • How to build and submit Android games (on a Mac or PC)

You will also receive lesson by lesson source code for the game we will be building. For those of you interested in normal mobile application development, there is also the option to buy an extended version of the course for normal mobile applications as well (think Instagram, Twitter etc.).