Phaser is an awesome framework to build HTML5 games that work in any browser. But making a full featured game from scratch with a new framework can be scary. This book will walk you through this process, step-by-step, by building a 2D platformer. You will control a little guy in a blue world that tries to collect coins while avoiding enemies.

Once you finish reading the book, you will have enough knowledge to build your own HTML5 games!

What You Will Get


The step by step guide to Phaser.

  • It's 170 page-long, and clearly explains how Phaser works
  • It's DRM-free, and available in pdf, epub and mobi formats

Extra: A new book chapter about optimizations: Reduce the number of HTTP requests by combining your files and assets. Learn how to refactor your code for better readability.


This is an optional extra, and helps you create your own games:

  • The source code of the book's game, chapter by chapter
  • A Phaser cheat sheet, with all the functions used in the book
  • Code snipets, the most useful code samples from the book to copy/past
  • An empty game template, to jump start the creation of your next game

Extra Games Code

This is an optional extra, and includes the commented source code of 4 full featured games:

  • Space shooter, control a spaceship and shoot enemies
  • Match-3, match 3 blocks of the same color to score points
  • Infinite runner, jump at the right time to avoid obstacles
  • Arcade, rotate a square to hit enemies with the correct orientation