This version is out of date

The version of Phaser downloaded from this page is not the current stable release.

Version: 3.20.1 - "Fitoria"
Released: 15th October 2019
Next Version: 3.21.0
Previous Version: 3.20.0

Change Log

Version 3.20.1 - Fitoria - 15th October 2019


  • The remove-files-webpack-plugin plugin has been moved to a devDependency (thanks @noseglid)

Bug Fixes

  • UpdateList.shutdown wasn't removing the Scene Update event listener, causing actions to be multiplied on Scene restart (such as animation playback). Fix #4799 (thanks @jronn)
  • Container.mask wouldn't render in WebGL due to a change in the way child masks were handled. Container masking now works again as in 3.19. Fix #4803 (thanks @paulsymphony)
  • DynamicTilemapLayer.setCollision would cause an indexOf error when trying to access the layer data. Fix #4800 (thanks @PavelMishin)
  • (and consequently was using an out-dated way of checking if a Scene was paused before trying to resume it, causing a Scene to be started again instead of resumed. It now uses the Systems.isPaused function instead. Fix #3931 (thanks @alexeymolchan)

Examples, Documentation and TypeScript

My thanks to the following for helping with the Phaser 3 Examples, Docs and TypeScript definitions, either by reporting errors, fixing them or helping author the docs: