This version is out of date

The version of Phaser downloaded from this page is not the current stable release.

Version: 3.1.1 - "Onishi"
Released: 20th February 2018
Next Version: 3.1.2
Previous Version: 3.1.0

Change Log


  • The entire codebase now passes our eslint config (which helped highlight a few errors), if you're submitting a PR, please ensure your PR passes the config too.
  • The Web Audio Context is now suspended instead of closed to allow for prevention of 'Failed to construct AudioContext: maximum number of hardware contexts reached' errors from Chrome in a hot reload environment. We still strongly recommend reusing the same context in a production environment. See this example for details. Fixes #3238 (thanks @z0y1 @Ziao)
  • The Webpack shell plugin now fires on onBuildExit, meaning it'll update the examples if you use webpack watch (thanks @rblopes)
  • Added root: true flag to the eslint config to stop it scanning further-up the filesystem.

Bug Fixes

  • Math.Fuzzy.Floor had an incorrect method signature.
  • Arcade Physics World didn't import GetOverlapX or GetOverlapY, causing separateCircle to break.
  • TileSprite was missing a gl reference, causing it to fail during a context loss and restore.
  • The Mesh Game Object Factory entry had incorrect arguments passed to Mesh constructor.
  • Removed unused _queue property from ScenePlugin class (thanks @rblopes)
  • The variable static is no longer used in Arcade Physics, fixing the 'static is a reserved word' in strict mode error (thanks @samme)
  • Fixed Set.union, Set.intersect and Set.difference (thanks @yupaul)
  • The corner tints were being applied in the wrong order. Fixes #3252 (thanks @Rybar)
  • BitmapText objects would ignore calls to setOrigin. Fixes #3249 (thanks @amkazan)
  • Fixed a 1px camera jitter and bleeding issue in the renderer. Fixes #3245 (thanks @bradharms)
  • Fixed the error WebGL: INVALID_ENUM: blendEquation: invalid mode. that would arise on iOS. Fixes #3244 (thanks @Ziao)
  • The drawBlitter function would crash if roundPixels was true. Fixes #3243 (thanks @Jerenaux and @vulcanoidlogic)