This version is out of date

The version of Phaser CE on this page is not the most current release.

Version: 2.7.8
Released: 8th May 2017
Next Version: 2.7.9
Previous Version: 2.7.7


Download this version of Phaser CE from npm. Need more details? Follow this tutorial

npm install phaser-ce@2.7.8

Change Log

Version 2.7.8 - 8th May 2017

New Features


  • Removed the upper limit of 12 for Phaser.Loader#maxParallelDownloads. The default value is still 4. Most browsers limit parallel connections to 6 per domain. Older IE and Android browsers may suffer with a value above 4 (#170).
  • Arcade Physics Bodies no longer receive angular motion updates while they have allowRotation disabled, as this was unnecessary.
  • Phaser.Text#align can now be set in any case or mix of cases (e.g., 'left', 'Left', 'LEFT').
  • Phaser CE API now shows a synopsis like the Phaser 2.6 docs. You can still find the complete README on GitHub.
  • Updated ScaleManager docs.
  • Clarified gid argument in Phaser.Tilemap#createFromObjects. It can represent an object's gid, id, or name.
  • Clarified Phaser.Image's use of the Animation component (#185). Images can be animated the same way Sprites can.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Sprites sharing the same texture were distorted or hidden when a WebGLFilter was applied (#39, #153, #154).
  • Fixed a 'memory exhausted' error in PIXI.PixiFastShader when compiling shaders with multiTexture enabled.
  • Fixed a TypeError in PIXI.WebGLGraphics when trying to render a Graphics object with a missing WebGL context (#178)
  • Fixed a ReferenceError in PIXI.WebGLRenderer when running Phaser in ES5 strict mode.
  • Fixed some Typescript definitions (#167).
  • Phaser now correctly sets a Creature's anchor point (as set in Creature editor) when a creature mesh is loaded.
  • Fixed CreatureManager#CreateAllAnimations crashing in Chrome.


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