This is the last official version of Phaser v2

Please see Phaser CE (Community Edition) for more v2 updates.
Or look at the latest version of Phaser 3.

Version: 2.6.2 - "Kore Springs"
Released: 26th August 2016
Next Version: 2.7.0
Previous Version: 2.6.1

Change Log

New Features

  • Group.getRandomExists will return a random child from the Group that has exists set to true.
  • Group.getAll will return all children in the Group, or a section of the Group, with the optional ability to test if the child has a property matching the given value or not.
  • Group.iterate has a new returnType: RETURN_ALL. This allows you to return all children that pass the iteration test in an array.
  • The property checkCollision.none in the ArcadePhysics.Body class was available, but never used internally. It is now used and checked by the separate method. By setting checkCollision.none = true you can disable all collision and overlap checks on a Body, but still retain its motion updates (thanks @samme #2661)
  • Math.rotateToAngle takes two angles (in radians), and an interpolation value, and returns a new angle, based on the shortest rotational distance between the two.
  • Math.getShortestAngle will return the shortest angle between the two given angles. Angles are in the range -180 to 180, which is what Sprite.angle uses. So you can happily feed this method two sprite angles, and get the shortest angle back between them (#2494)


  • TypeScript definitions fixes and updates (thanks @calvindavis @AlvaroBarua)
  • Docs typo fixes (thanks @rroylance @Owumaro @boniatillo-com @samme @kjav)
  • The InputHandler.flagged property has been removed. It was never used internally, or exposed via the API, so was just overhead.
  • The src/system folder has been removed and all files relocated to the src/utils folder. This doesn't change anything from an API point of view, but did change the grunt build scripts slightly.
  • BitmapData.shadow and BitmapData.text now both return this keeping them in-line with the docs (thanks @greeny #2634)
  • Group.align has had its arguments changed so that it's now (width, height, ...) instead of (rows, columns, ...) (thanks @deargle #2643)
  • Group.align now returns true if the Group was aligned, or false if not.
  • The Loader.headers object has a new property requestedWith. By default this is set to false, but it can be used to set the X-Requested-With header to XMLHttpRequest (or any other value you need). To enable this do this.load.headers.requestedWith = 'XMLHttpRequest' before adding anything to the Loader.
  • ScaleManager.hasPhaserSetFullScreen is a new boolean that identifies if the browser is in full screen mode or not, and if Phaser was the one that requested it. As it's possible to enter full screen mode outside of Phaser, and it then gets confused about what bounding parent to use.
  • Phaser.Tileset has a new property lastgid which is populated automatically by the TilemapParser when importing Tiled map data, or can be set manually if building your own tileset.
  • Stage will now check if document.hidden is available first, and if it is then never even check for the prefixed versions. This stops warnings like "mozHidden and mozVisibilityState are deprecated" in newer versions of browsers and retain backward compatibility (thanks @leopoldobrines7 #2656)
  • As a result of changes in #2573 Graphics objects were calling updateLocalBounds on any shape change, which could cause dramatic performances drops in Graphics heavy situations (#2618). Graphics objects now have a new flag _boundsDirty which is used to detect if the bounds have been invalidated, i.e. by a Graphics being cleared or drawn to. If this is set to true then updateLocalBounds is called once in the postUpdate method (thanks @pengchuan #2618)
  • Phaser.Image now has the ScaleMinMax component.
  • Animations now allow for speeds greater than 0, rather than forcing them to be greater than 1. This allows you to have animation speeds slower than 1 frame per second (thanks @jayrobin #2664)
  • and all related methods (fireAtXY, fireAtPointer, fireAtSprite) now all return the instance of the Phaser.Bullet that was fired, or null if nothing was fired. Previously it would return a boolean, but this change allows you to perform additional processing on the Bullet as required (thanks @JTronLabs #2696)
  • Sound.loopFull now returns the Sound instance that was looped (thanks @hilts-vaughan #2697)
  • ArcadePhysics Body.rotation now reads its initial value from sprite.angle instead of sprite.rotation. The property was immediately replaced with the correct value in Body.preUpdate regardless, but it keeps it consistent (thanks @samme #2708)
  • now tracks rotation properly, when using an offset and tracking a sprite (thanks @bobonthenet #2672)

Bug Fixes

  • A Group with inputEnableChildren set would re-start the Input Handler on a Sprite, even if that handler had been disabled previously.
  • Weapon.autofire wouldn't fire after the first bullet, or until fire was called, neither of which are requirements. If you now set this boolean the Weapon will fire continuously until you toggle it back to false (thanks @alverLopez #2647)
  • ArcadePhysics.World.angleBetweenCenters now uses centerX and centerY properties to check for the angle between, instead of center.x/y as that property no longer exists (thanks @leopoldobrines7 #2654)
  • The Emitter.makeParticles collide argument didn't work, as a result of #2661, but is now properly respected thanks to that change (thanks @samme #2662)
  • would throw the error "Uncaught DOMException: Failed to execute 'disconnect' on 'AudioNode': the given destination is not connected." in Chrome, if you tried to play an audio marker that didn't exist, while a valid marker was already playing.
  • Text bounds would incorrectly displace if the Text resolution was greater than 1 (thanks @valent-novem #2685)
  • TilemapParser would calculate widthInPixels and heightInPixels were being read incorrectly from JSON data (capitalisation of properties) (thanks @hexus #2691)
  • A tinted Texture in Canvas mode wouldn't be updated properly if it was also cropped, beyond the initial crop. Now a cropped texture will re-tint itself every time the crop is updated, and has changed (thanks @phoenixyjll #2688)
  • The Weapon.fireRateVariance property was never taken into account internally. It's now applied to the firing rate correctly (thanks @noseglid #2715)
  • Text.updateText now sets Text.dirty = false, which stops Text objects from having updateText called twice on them after creation.

Pixi Updates

Please note that Phaser uses a custom build of Pixi and always has done. The following changes have been made to our custom build, not to Pixi in general.

  • This version contains significant fixes for DisplayObject.getBounds and DisplayObjectContainer.getBounds. The methods can now accept an optional argument targetCoordinateSpace which makes it much more flexible, allowing you to check the bounds against any target, not just local and global ones. If the targetCoordinateSpace is a valid DisplayObject:

    • If it's a parent of the caller at some level it will return the bounds relative to it.
    • if it's not parenting the caller at all, it will get the global bounds of it, and the caller and will calculate the x and y bounds of the caller relative to the targetCoordinateSpace DisplayObject.

As a result this also fixes how empty Groups are treated when they have no other children except Groups. So now calculations are correct. * DisplayObjectContainer.contains(child) is a new method which determines whether the specified display object is a child of the DisplayObjectContainer instance or the instance itself. This method is used in the new getBounds function. * Corrected DisplayObjects default _bounds rect from (0, 0, 1, 1) to (0, 0, 0, 0). * Thanks to @fmflame for his hard work on the above (#2639 #2627) * The methods setStageReference and removeStageReference have been removed from all Pixi classes. Objects no longer have stage properties, or references to the Stage object. This is because no reference to the Stage is required for any calculations, and Phaser can only have 1 Stage, so adding and removing references to it were superfluous actions. * The file pixi/utils/Polyk.js has been removed, as it was no longer used with Pixi or Phaser (we replaced it with EarCut a while ago)