This version is out of date

The version of Phaser CE on this page is not the most current release.

Version: 2.19.0
Released: 23rd August 2021
Next Version: 2.19.1
Previous Version: 2.18.0


Download this version of Phaser CE from npm. Need more details? Follow this tutorial

npm install phaser-ce@2.19.0

Change Log

Version 2.19.0 - 23 August 2021

API Changes


  • Text height is now calculated from actualBoundingBoxAscent and actualBoundingBoxDescent where available or estimated from character widths otherwise. If you need uniform display across devices, it's best to pass style.fontProperties when creating a Text object.
  • The default Text#testString changed to |MÂÉQfjq_.


  • Tilemap object properties ellipse, gid, point, polygon, polyline, properties, rectangle, template, and text have default values (false or null).
  • Tilemap object properties is an object, as in the Tiled JSON v1.1 format (#623).
  • Tilemap#createFromObjects() returns an array instead of undefined.

New Features


Bug Fixes

  • Tilemap#createFromObjects() was adjusting y-coordinates for all tile objects, which was incorrect. Now it adjusts y-coordinates for tile objects only, which have origin (0, 1) in Tiled.