Version: 2.17.0
Released: 16th March 2021
Previous Version: 2.16.2


Download this version of Phaser CE from npm. Need more details? Follow this tutorial

npm install phaser-ce@2.17.0

Change Log

Version 2.17.0 - 16th March 2021

API Changes

The core game loop and timekeeping have been redone. Game timing should now work consistently at any device frame rate, for any desiredFps, with forceSingleUpdate on or off.

Animations, lifespan, particles, physics, timers, and tweens now all use the same delta time, represented by delta and deltaTotal. The delta is scaled by slowMotion. There's no need to adjust desiredFps to match slowMotion now; they work independently. The delta size is clamped by deltaMax, which can be controlled by desiredMinFps as well.

Phaser.Game#forceSingleUpdate now switches between a variable-step or fixed-step game loop.

When forceSingleUpdate is off (the default), the game makes one logic update and one render per animation frame received from the device. This is usually at 60Hz, but can be lower (33Hz) or higher (75Hz, 144Hz, 240Hz).

When forceSingleUpdate is on, the game makes logic updates only at the rate given by desiredFps (60Hz or 16.6ms by default). Depending on the desiredFps value and the device frame rate, this will make zero, one, or several logic updates per animation frame. There is one render per animation frame only if at least one update was made or forceSingleRender is on; otherwise there is none.


  • Phaser.Game#onBoot is a signal dispatched after the game boots but before the first update is made. You could use it to configure the game before a game state is started.
  • Phaser.Particles.Arcade.Emitter#setGravity() sets the gravity of emitted particles.
  • Phaser.Particles.Arcade.Emitter#setSpeed() sets the speed ranges of emitted particles.
  • Phaser.Time#delta is the time step for the current logic update, in game time.
  • Phaser.Time#deltaMax is the desired maximum delta size in ms. The default is 200ms.
  • Phaser.Time#deltaTotal is the cumulative delta, so the current "time" in game time.
  • Phaser.Time#desiredMinFps is the desired minimum logic update rate. It sets deltaMax. The default is 5.
  • PIXI.CanvasRenderer#postRender
  • PIXI.WebGLRenderer#postRender


  • Phaser.Game#dropFrames skips updates and renders when the animation frame interval is larger than deltaMax. It's probably not very useful.
  • Phaser.Game#forceSingleUpdate switches between a variable-step or fixed-step game loop.


  • Phaser.Game#maxUpdates
  • Phaser.Game#net (
  • Phaser.Net
  • Phaser.Time#physicsElapsed
  • Phaser.Time#physicsElapsedMS
  • Phaser.Time#prevTime
  • Phaser.Timer#timeCap
  • Phaser.Tween#frameBased
  • Phaser.TweenManager#frameBased
  • The elapsedTime argument in Phaser.State#preRender

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed some errors when destroying a game while Web Audio sounds were decoding (#684).
  • Fixed tweens running at different speeds depending on device frame rate (#685).


@jf-m, @photonstorm, @samme