This version is out of date

The version of Phaser downloaded from this page is not the current stable release.

Version: 1.0.6
Released: 24th September 2013
Next Version: 1.1.0
Previous Version: 1.0.5

Change Log

  • Added check into Pointer.move to always consider a Sprite that has pixelPerfect enabled, regardless of render ID.
  • BUG: The pixel perfect click check doesn't work if the sprite is part of a texture atlas yet.
  • Fixed issue with anti-alias in the Game constructor not being set correctly (thanks luizbills)
  • Added support for the Graphics game object back in and two examples (thanks earok for spotting)
  • New: Tweens can now be chained via multiple to() calls + example created (thanks to powerfear for adding)
  • Fixed Math.wrap (thanks TheJare)
  • New: When loading a Sprite Sheet you can now pass negative values for the frame sizes which specifies the number of rows/columns to load instead (thanks TheJare)
  • New: BitmapText now supports anchor and has fixed box dimensions (thanks TheJare)
  • Fixed bug where if a State contains an empty Preloader the Update will not be called (thanks TheJare)
  • Several new examples added (cameras, tweens, etc)
  • Added in extra checks to halt collision if it involves an empty Group (thanks cang)
  • Added time smoothing to Animation update to help frames hopefully not get too out of sync during long animations with high frame rates.
  • Added frame skip to Animation.update. If it gets too far behind it will now skip frames to try and catch up.