This version is out of date

The version of Phaser downloaded from this page is not the current stable release.

Version: 1.0.5
Released: 20th September 2013
Next Version: 1.0.6
Previous Version: 1.0.4

Change Log

  • Fixed issue in FrameData.getFrameIndexes where the input array was being ignored.
  • Added Math.numberArray - Returns an Array containing the numbers from min to max (inclusive), useful for animation frame construction.
  • Fixed a horrendously sneaky bug: If a new tween was created in the onComplete callback of a tween about to be deleted, it would get automatically spliced.
  • Added a pendingDelete property to Tween to stop tweens that were removed during a callback from causing update errors during the TweenManager loop.
  • Added Group.length property.
  • Added explicit x/y attributes to Phaser.Text to make it work with the camera system (thanks cocoademon).
  • Fixed issue stopping multiple animations from playing, only the most recent would play (frames array was being overwritten, thanks Legrandk)
  • Updated Debug.renderSpriteBounds() so it doesn't use the deprecated Sprite.worldView any more (thanks MikeMnD)
  • Added 2 new properties to the Text object: Text.text and, both are getter/setters and don't flag dirty unless changed, so safe for core loop use.
  • Removed the exists check from Group.callAll, it now runs on all children (as the name implies)
  • Added Group.callAllExists - you can now call a function on all children who have exists = the provided boolean.
  • Finished off the Breakout example game - now fully playable, proper rebound, scoring, lives, etc.
  • Removed Group.sort dummy entry until it's working.
  • Removed ArcadePhysics.postUpdate.
  • Updated Sprite.update to set renderable to false when the object goes out of Camera, not 'visible' false, otherwise it stops the transform being updated by Pixi.
  • BUG: There is a known issue where the wrong rect coordinates are given to the QuadTree if the Sprite is a child of a Group or another Sprite which has an x/y offset.