This version is out of date

The version of Phaser downloaded from this page is not the current stable release.

Version: 1.0.4
Released: 18th September 2013
Next Version: 1.0.5
Previous Version: 1.0.3

Change Log

  • Small fix to Phaser.Canvas to stop it from setting overflow hidden if the parent DOM element doesn't exist.
  • Added Loader.setPreloadSprite(sprite, direction) - this will automatically apply a crop rect to the Sprite which is updated in line with the load progress.
  • A lot of changes inside the StateManager. State functions are now passed through link() which automatically creates the key Game properties (load, input, etc)
  • Fixed a bug in getFrameByName that wouldn't return the first frame in the array.
  • Updated Phaser.Rectangle.intersects to use x and y instead of left and top so it can be used to check Physics bodies overlapping.
  • Fixed issue in Cache where the Frame index wasn't being set correctly (thanks Cameron)
  • Fixed issue in Sprite where boundsY wasn't set (thanks Cameron)
  • For some reason there were 2 copies of the Canvas class in the build file - fixed, a few KB saved :)