The first book on the creation of HTML5 cross platform games using Phaser 3 and other free software.
  • By Emanuele Feronato
  • 155 Pages
  • 28 Source Code Examples
  • Build a complete game from start to finish
  • Cross Platform
  • Scaling for devices
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Emanuele Feronato is easily the most prolific author of Phaser tutorials on the planet. He has published over 250 of them on his site, most of which we feature here. Recently he has been writing Phaser 3 specific tutorials, and as the framework has evolved, his tutorials have kept pace. So it's great to see that he's been busy writing a book and it's now available.

It's 155 pages long and comes with 28 source code examples. I'll let him explain the contents: "You will learn how to build HTML5 cross platform games while making a real game along the way, and by the end of the book you will have a complete "2048" game polished, ready to be played and with a lot of room for customization.

Designed both for beginners and skilled programmers, the book will guide you from the bare bones of JavaScript to advanced Phaser 3 features while building an actual game, showing you all the common errors you can make in the creation of a game and how to solve or avoid them, covering, among other things:


  • Setting up a Phaser project
  • The concepts behind HTML5 cross platform development
  • The basics of JavaScript such as functions, objects, classes, statements.
  • How to scale and resize a game to make it look nice on each device
  • The structure of your first Phaser project
  • Preload images, sounds, fonts and other kind of assets
  • Group images into sprite sheets to optimize the game
  • Add images and sprites on the stage
  • Use tweens to create animations
  • Wait for player input
  • Process keyboard input
  • Process mouse or finger input
  • Use arrays to handle game information
  • Move sprites
  • The importance of placing sprites in front of other sprites using Z-order
  • Add and play sound effects
  • Design and add a game interface
  • Add interactivity with buttons
  • Use bitmap fonts to create text effects
  • Save and load high scores using local storage

Each step of the book represents a progress in the making of the game and is provided with its source code.

What's more, buying the book also helps fund the development of Phaser, so if you'd like to learn about Phaser 3 in a consistent and long-form manner, and help towards its future as well, definitely consider picking-up a copy.