Phaser is free and open-source and always will be. But we also sell a range of books and plugins to enhance your development skills. Letting you code faster and make better games.

Unless stated otherwise all plugins and books are for Phaser 2 only.

Learn to create 5 complete arcade games in Phaser 3 with this special training course combo pack.
  • 5 Complete Phaser 3 Training Courses
  • Full ES6 code
  • Learn how to make arcade classics:
  • Pong, Breakout, Asteroids
  • Nibbler and Space Invaders
  • Full tutorial and code per game
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$150 worth of Premium Plugins. Includes full versions of:
  • Interphase 1
  • Box2D Premium Plugin
  • Particle Storm
  • Virtual Joystick Plugin
  • WaveForms Source Code
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A multi-platform IDE to create Phaser games. Packed full of essential tools.
  • A visual game level builder
  • Smart Phaser Code Completion
  • Documentation Search Tool
  • Huge range of Project Templates
  • Asset Pack Manager
  • Sprite Sheet Editor + Preview
  • Audio Sprite Builder
  • Constantly updated!
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HTML5 cross platform game "Ladderz" with completely commented source code
  • In-depth commented source code
  • One-button gameplay
  • Endless Runner Action
  • Highly customizable
  • Cross Platform
  • 5 Different Enemy Types
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The first book on the creation of HTML5 cross platform games using Phaser 3 and other free software.
  • By Emanuele Feronato
  • 155 Pages
  • 28 Source Code Examples
  • Build a complete game from start to finish
  • Cross Platform
  • Scaling for devices
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400 pages of detailed articles, tutorials and guides. With full source and graphics.
  • 8 complete Games with 'Making Of' Tutorials
  • Comprehensive Phaser State Manager Guide
  • Flip-screen games, 3D and physics
  • Gorgeous original pixel-art through-out
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Create an HTML5 Vertical Endless Runner cross-platform game using Phaser and only free software.
  • By Emanuele Feronato
  • 100 Pages
  • 31 Source Code Examples
  • Saving and Loading Highscores
  • Adapting to various resolutions
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Learn how to create a fully featured 2D platform game, how to make it mobile friendly, and port it to iOS and Android in this top-selling book.
  • By Thomas Palef
  • 170 pages
  • PDF, ePub and Mobi Formats
  • Optional code bundles available
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5 Royalty-Free Game Templates. Full commented source code, PSDs and Guide. For use in your own commercial projects.
  • 5 fully commented Game Templates
  • BlackJack - The casino card game
  • Coloring Book + Flood Fill Plugin
  • Jigsaw + Piece Cutter Plugin
  • Sliding Puzzle - With solver
  • Word Search + Plugin
  • Commercial use allowed
  • 10 Page Guide + PSDs
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Bring your games alive with this powerful and easy-to-use particle system
  • Create complex particle effects in minutes
  • Over 200 Examples Included
  • Easy to use and friendly API
  • JSDocs, PDF Manual and TypeScript Defs
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This beginners guide will take you from the very bare bones of JavaScript to the creation of your own cross platform game.
  • By Emanuele Feronato
  • 72 Pages
  • 26 Source Code Examples
  • Phaser Project Structure covered
  • Phaser States, Preloading and Animation
  • Timers and Schedules
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Learn the complete process of creating a procedural endless runner game, with full source code.
  • 177 Pages
  • Learn to code Phaser with TypeScript
  • Full Game Source Code included
  • Learn about skeletal animations with Spriter
  • Screen size scaling chapter
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Add the full power of Box2D Physics to your games
  • User Friendly API
  • Fully Documented
  • Getting Started Guide
  • 90 Code Examples
  • Ropes, Springs, Joints and More
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Add the full power of Box2D Physics to your games
  • User Friendly API
  • Fully Documented
  • Getting Started Guide
  • 40 Code Examples
  • Ropes, Springs, Joints and More
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Add a powerful and flexible virtual joystick to your mobile games in just 2 lines of code
  • Analogue + Digital Joysticks and Buttons
  • 3 Professionally designed skins inc. PSDs
  • Powerful and friendly Plugin API
  • JSDocs, PDF Manual and Code Examples
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The full source code to the WaveForms Path Editor
  • Easily Add and Remove points on the path
  • Toggle Grid Snapping
  • Keyboard Short-cuts for all functions
  • Edit 8 paths at once
  • Export as JSON data
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Learn how to use Tweens to their full potential and spice up your games
  • 120 Pages
  • PDF, ePub and Mobi Formats
  • 65 Source Code Examples
  • Includes Full Game
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Unlock the features of the Phaser Scale Manager
  • 45 Pages
  • PDF, ePub and Mobi Formats
  • 5 Source Code Examples
  • Using the FullScreen API
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Learn how to build HTML5 games for iOS and Android devices
  • 170 Pages
  • PDF
  • Complete Source Code
  • Covers iOS and Android
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