Phaser 3 API

This part of the site breaks down the current, and evolving, Phaser 3 API. Pick a section from the list on the left to read about what it contains, get an idea of the functions on offer and see example code.

We will evolve this area over time as new systems get added and update the progress charts accordingly.

Systems Animation Manager, Boot, Cache, Device Manager, Events, Input Manager, Loader, Physics, Sound Manager, Scene Manager, Texture Manager, Tween Manager.
Game Objects Bitmap Text, Blitter, Effect Layer, Graphics, Image, Group, Mesh, Quad, Render Pass, Sprite, Text, Tile Map, Tile Sprite, Zone.
Geometry Circle, Ellipse, Intersects, Line, Point, Polygon, Rectangle, Triangle
Math Angle, Distance, Easing, Fuzzy, Interpolation, POW2, RNG, Snap
Utils Align, Array, Array Matrix, Bounds, Object, String

Development Schedule

You can view a Gantt chart showing our planned development schedule until the end of the year. It highlights the order in which new systems will be added to the API and how they will tie-in with the Beta, Alpha and Release builds.

View Phaser 3 Schedule

The schedule is based on continued community funding during this time period.

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