A comprehensive video course covering 15 games

Article by Richard Davey. Posted on 20th Aug 2015.   @phaser_


Zenva Academy successfully kickstarted their Complete Mobile Game Development Course a few months back, and now it is finished and available for all.

The video based course features over 20 hours of content and teaches you how to make 15 complete games from scratch. It uses Phaser with the Intel XDK and Cordova to package them into native apps for iOS, Android and Amazon stores.

The whole concept is to learn by creating real-world projects, i.e. games you'd actually want to download and play. The games cover a wide spectrum of styles: from a game for small children, to virtual pets to RPGs, platforms, dungeon romps and match 3s.


Each game teaches a different aspect. For example the Angry Chickens game covers building a good Angry Birds clone using P2 Physics, where-as Hipster Town covers a town economy simulation complete with population growth, food consumption and jobs.


There's a lot of content and loads to learn! Congratulations to Zenva on finishing this massive undertaking.

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