Phaser 3 started development in December 2014. It features a brand new game-specific renderer, a proper module based structure and is built with the ever evolving state of web browsers firmly kept in mind.

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Please join our Phaser 3 Google Group. You are encouraged to take part in discussions, offering your suggestions, ideas and opinions to help shape Phaser 3 development.

You can also follow the development of Phaser 3 via these Dev Logs:

18th September 2015

All about removing Pixi from Phaser and merging the new renderer in.

7th August 2015

Support for texture atlases, improved Sprite DLight support and a new tile map drawing speed test.

20th May 2015

Added in full support for the Creature boned animation system and started work on bump mapped sprites.

1st May 2015

Created a new Dungeon demo showcasing bump mapping. Worked on the new class structure and tweaked the point-lights galore.

10th April 2015

Added a new demo showing 100 bouncing cameras all viewing the same invaders core demo scene.

10th March 2015

I did a test using Point Sprites for tile maps. This created 72 parallax layers (vs 37 layers using regular Sprites) at 60fps.

14th February 2015

Being able to transfer Canvas to WebGL textures is very important, so I took a stab at wrapping it in a fairly accessible API call.

30th January 2015

I haven't done as much refinement of the API functions as I'd hoped to because I've been pumping out demos to test the basic functionality.

16th January 2015

I researched WebGL, Shaders, Canvas, and DOM sprites. Concluded that DOM sprites are cool but we need to support WebGL + Canvas as a priority.