When we wrote Interphase 1 we honestly had no idea that it would be so well received. The mixture of 'magazine' style content and deep-dives into the core of Phaser seemed to really hit a note. Reader feedback was so encouraging that we're pleased to announce Interphase 2.

Book 2 continues to build upon the same format and structure of the first, with fresh brand new content. We started writing Interphase 2 shortly after releasing the first book, and we can now disclose what it will contain when released.

Please Note: All screen shots below are work-in-progress.

Contents include:

A Guide to the Phaser Renderer

Phaser uses Pixi for rendering to Canvas and WebGL, and this guide takes a comprehensive deep-look into how this process works. It explains the internals of both the Pixi renderers, describing the function flow, shaders and WebGL fundamentals being used. Topics covered include:

  • The Sprite Batch process. How it works and how to avoid accidentally flushing it.
  • How the default shaders work and how to tweak them.
  • How the vertices data array works in WebGL.
  • How to add support for per-vertex color tints.
  • How to add your own custom WebGL blend modes.
  • How the Graphics primitives work and why they're so expensive.
  • How custom filters are applied to Sprites.
  • Why Texture Atlases are so important.
  • How the Canvas Transform list works.
  • How to build your own fully batched WebGL renderer from scratch.

We hope that this guide will prove to be both fascinating and technically useful to you. After working through it you'll certainly have a much deeper understanding of what Pixi does under the hood and how to take advantage of it.

Perhaps most crucially by understanding what is going on inside it will help show you how not to kill the rendering performance of your games.


'Making Of' Game Guides

Interphase 2 contains another set of brand new and complete games. Each is finished to a high standard. With clearly named variables, logical structures and professional original pixel art. The detailed 'Making Of' guides for each game will teach you different aspects of Phaser.

Some of the games included with Interphase 2:

  • Ice Crush - Charge around the levels, slamming the ice blocks into the baddies to freeze them - then crush them before they thaw out! Includes bonus game: Sokoban, showing how you can use the same core game mechanic to create an entirely different game.
  • Starbug - A modern take on Pacman. Charge around the levels, munching away and avoiding the constantly roaming baddies. Learn about game character AI and how baddies can scan tilemaps.
  • Missile Attack - The Atari classic of Missile Command bought in to the WebGL generation. Learn about event based gameplay, missile trajectory projection and primitive based graphics drawing.
  • Torpedo - Take control of a U-boat and do your best to torpedo the destroyers above, avoiding their constant barrage of explosive depth charges.
  • Bombs Away - Clear out a landing strip in the desolate city as quickly as possible. Covers sprite snapping to grid coordinates, building destruction and particle effects.
  • Atoms - Take on the CPU in a challenging strategy game as you try to dominate the board. Learn about the AI required for the CPU opponent including weight maps and win/loss prediction simulations.
  • Wild West Shoot-Out - Get your trigger finger ready and dispatch the bandits, while avoiding the innocents!


Full source code, graphics and extras are included for all games.

Each game also has a Debug Mode built in, so you can hit the D key to view all kinds of debug data specific to the game. From physics bodies to aim lines, it's a very useful way to learn.

All games are written using the latest version of Phaser, so you won't be learning any out-dated tricks. As well as the book you get all the source code, graphics and assets to go with it.

We plan to release more issues of Interphase in the future, however we promise that all content is fully self-contained. You will never find an article that says "Continued next issue".


Extra Tutorials

Interphase 2 also includes short 'focused' tutorials that deal with one specific area. This time all the tutorials are to do with using Phaser in wider web applications:

  • Using Phaser with Browserify
  • Using Phaser with Electron
  • Using Phaser with RequireJS
  • Using Phaser with SystemJS
  • Using Phaser with WebPack

Each tutorial includes a project template for you to use for your own games.


What will I actually receive?

You'll get a zip file containing all the code and assets for the games and tutorials, as well as PDF, ePub and mobi versions of the book, so you can read it on any device.

Interphase will also be published on the Phaser web site where we can keep the content fresh (sadly even we make typos!). Your purchase includes access to this site once it's live.

In short you'll get an instant download of all the content and the ability to read it online too.


Comments on Interphase 1

The following tweets are about Interphase 1.

We'll work hard to ensure they'll be equally pleased with Interphase 2 :)

New Release date

Pre-orders for Interphase 2 have been closed for the time being. We will open them again only when the book is finished and ready for sale. In the meantime please subscribe to the Phaser World newsletter, for progress reports.

If you pre-ordered the book already you have not been charged for it.

Thank you!

Thank you for taking an interest in Interphase - especially if you were one of those awesome people who purchased issue 1! As before we truly hope you learn, enjoy and get inspired by what we've put together. All the best with your game development, where-ever it may lead you.


Rich & Ilija