This version is out of date

The version of Phaser downloaded from this page is not the current stable release.

Version: 3.2.0 - "Kaori"
Released: 5th March 2018
Next Version: 3.2.1
Previous Version: 3.1.2

Change Log

New Features

  • The new Render Texture Game Object is now available. You can clear, fill and draw texture frames to it. The Render Texture itself can be displayed in-game with its own transform, or you can use it as a Bitmap Mask for another Game Object.
  • Game.resize allows you to resize the game config, renderer and input system in one call.
  • When Game.resize is called it causes all Scene.Systems to have their resize method called. This is turn emits a resize event which your Scene can respond to. It will be sent the new width and height of the canvas as the only two parameters.
  • InputManager.resize allows you to update the bounds def and input scale in one call.
  • Game.Config.roundPixels property added to prevent sub-pixel interpolation during rendering of Game Objects in WebGL and Canvas.
  • Load.plugin now accepts a class as an argument as well as a URL string (thanks @nkholski)
  • Tween.complete will allow you to flag a tween as being complete, no matter what stage it is at. If an onComplete callback has been defined it will be invoked. You can set an optional delay before this happens (thanks @Jerenaux for the idea)
  • The Headless render mode has been implemented. You can now set HEADLESS as the renderType in the Game Config and it will run a special game step that skips rendering. It will still create a Canvas element, as lots of internal systems (like input) rely on it, but it will not draw anything to it. Fix #3256 (thanks @rgk)
  • GameObject.setInteractive has a new boolean argument dropZone which will allow you to set the object as being a drop zone right from the method.
  • Sprites can now be drop zones and have other Game Objects dragged onto them as targets.
  • The SceneManager has a new method: remove which allows you to remove and destroy a Scene, freeing up the Scene key for use by future scenes and potentially clearing the Scene from active memory for gc.
  • SceneManager.moveAbove will move a Scene to be directly above another Scene in the Scenes list. This is also exposed in the ScenePlugin.
  • SceneManager.moveBelow will move a Scene to be directly below another Scene in the Scenes list. This is also exposed in the ScenePlugin.
  • Quadratic Bezier Interpolation has been added to the Math.Interpolation functions (thanks @RiCoTeRoX)
  • A new Quadratic Bezier Curve class has been added, expanding the available Curve types (thanks @RiCoTeRoX)
  • Path.quadraticBezierTo allows you to add a Quadratic Bezier Curve into your Path.
  • Loader.multiatlas now supports Texture Packers new JSON atlas format which exports one combined atlas for all image files. This is available if you use the new Phaser 3 Export from within Texture Packer (thanks @CodeAndWeb)
  • Modified WebGLPipeline to make it easier to extend and easier to create custom rendering passes.

Bug Fixes

  • Arcade Physics Bodies didn't apply the results of allowRotation to the parent Game Object.
  • InputManager.updateBounds wouldn't correctly get the bounds of the canvas if it had horizontal or vertical translation in the page, causing the scale factor to be off (and subsequently input values to mis-fire)
  • TileSprite.setFrame now works and allows you to change the frame to any other in the texture. Fix #3232 (thanks @Jerenaux)
  • Swapped the queue loop in the SceneManager to to use _queue.length rather than a cached length (thanks @srobertson421)
  • When calling ScenePlugin.launch the data argument is now passed to the queued scenes (thanks @gaudeon)
  • wouldn't reset the y position if the value given never exceed the Rectangles bottom. Fix #3290 (thanks @chancezeus)
  • The implementation of topOnly within the Input Manager had broken the way drop zones worked, as they were now filtered out of the display list before processing. Drop zones are now treated on their own in the Input Plugin meaning you can still have topOnly set and still drop an item into a drop zone. This indirectly fixed #3291 (thanks @rexrainbow)
  • InputPlugin.clear now properly removes a Game Object from all internal arrays, not just the _list.
  • InputPlugin.processOverOut no longer considers an item as being 'out' if it's in the internal _drag array.
  • When a Game Object is scaled, its Arcade Physics body was still calculating its position based on its original size instead of scaled one (thanks @pixelpicosean)
  • The RandomDataGenerator classes randomness has been improved thanks to the correct caching of a class property. Fix #3289 (thanks @migiyubi)
  • The RandomDataGenerator sign property had a method collision. Fix #3323 (thanks @vinerz and @samme)
  • In Arcade Physics World if you collided a group with itself it would call a missing method (collideGroupVsSelf), it now calls collideGroupVsGroup correctly (thanks @patrickgalbraith)
  • The HTML5 Sound Manager would unlock the Sound API on a touch event but only if the audio files were loaded in the first Scene, if they were loaded in a subsequent Scene the audio system would never unlock. It now unlocks only if there are audio files in the cache. Fix #3311 (thanks @chancezeus)
  • The Text.lineSpacing value was not taken into account when rendering the Text. Fix #3215 (thanks @sftsk)
  • InputPlugin.update now takes the totals from the drag and pointerup events into consideration when deciding to fall through to the Scene below. Fix #3333 (thanks @chancezeus)


  • now calls setSizeToFrame() and updateDisplayOrigin() on the parent Game Object in order to catch situations where you've started playing an animation on a Game Object that uses a different size to the previously set frame.
  • Text.setText will check if the value given is falsey but not a zero and set to an empty string if so.
  • BitmapText.setText will check if the value given is falsey but not a zero and set to an empty string if so.
  • BitmapText.setText will now cast the given value to a string before setting.
  • BitmapText.setText will not change the text via setText unless the new text is different to the old one.
  • If you set transparent in the Game Config but didn't provide a backgroundColor then it would render as black. It will now be properly transparent. If you do provide a color value then it must include an alpha component.
  • You can now pass normal Groups to Arcade Physics collide / overlap, as well as Physics Groups. Fix #3277 (thanks @nkholski)
  • Texture.get has been optimized to fail first, then error, with a new falsey check. This allows you to skip out specifying animation frames in the animation config without generating a console warning.
  • The setFrame method of the Texture component has been updated so that it will now automatically reset the width and height of a Game Object to match that of the new Frame. Related, it will also adjust the display origin values, because they are size based. If the Frame has a custom pivot it will set the origin to match the custom pivot instead.
  • ScenePlugin.swapPosition now allows you to use it to swap the positions of any two Scenes. Before the change it only allowed you to swap the position of the calling Scene and another one, but a new optional keyB argument opens this up.
  • The SceneManager no longer renders a Scene unless it is visible AND either running or paused. This now skips Scenes that are in an init state.
  • The Keyboard Manager will now no longer emit keydown events if you keep holding a key down. Fix #3239 (thanks @squaresun)
  • The SceneManager now employs a new queue for all pending Scenes, creating them and booting them in strict sequence. This should prevent errors where Scenes were unable to reference other Scenes further down the boot list in their create functions. Fix #3314 (thanks @max1701 @rblopes)
  • Game.preBoot and Game.postBoot callbacks now pass an instance of the game to the callback (thanks @rblopes)
  • Graphics.arc in WebGL mode now works more like arc does in Canvas (thanks @Twilrom)
  • GameObjects now emit a 'destroy' event when they are destroyed, which you can use to perform any additional processing you require. Fix #3251 (thanks @rexrainbow)
  • If an HTML5AudioSound sound fails to play it will now issue a console.warn (thanks @samme)
  • Phaser is now running Travis CI build testing again (thanks @vpmedia)
  • Documentation updates: thanks to @melissaelopez @samme @jblang94