This version is out of date

The version of Phaser downloaded from this page is not the current stable release.

Version: 3.1.0 - "Onishi"
Released: 16th February 2018
Next Version: 3.1.1
Previous Version: 3.0.0

Change Log


  • Vertex resource handling code updated, further optimizing the WebGL batching. You should now see less gl ops per frame across all batches.
  • The Blitter game object has been updated to use the List structure instead of DisplayList.
  • Arcade Physics World disableBody has been renamed disableGameObjectBody to more accurately reflect what it does.
  • Lots of un-used properties were removed from the Arcade Physics Static Body object.
  • Arcade Physics Static Body can now refresh itself from its parent via refreshBody.

Bug Fixes

  • A couple of accidental uses of let existed, which broke Image loading in Safari # (thanks Yat Hin Wong)
  • Added the static property Graphics.TargetCamera was added back in which fixed Graphics.generateTexture.
  • The SetHitArea Action now calls setInteractive, fixing Group.createMultiple when a hitArea has been set.
  • Removed rogue Tween emit calls. Fix #3222 (thanks @ZaDarkSide)
  • Fixed incorrect call to TweenManager.makeActive. Fix #3219 (thanks @ZaDarkSide)
  • The Depth component was missing from the Zone Game Object. Fix #3213 (thanks @Twilrom)
  • Fixed issue with Blitter overwriting previous objects vertex data.
  • The Tile game object tinting was fixed, so tiles now honor alpha values correctly.
  • The BitmapMask would sometimes incorrectly bind its resources.
  • Fixed the wrong Extend target in MergeXHRSettings (thanks @samme)

New Features

  • Destroying a Game Object will now call destroy on its physics body, if it has one set.
  • Arcade Physics Colliders have a new name property and corresponding setName method.
  • Matter.js bodies now have an inlined destroy method that removes them from the World.
  • Impact bodies now remove themselves from the World when destroyed.
  • Added Vector2.ZERO static property.