This version is out of date

The version of Phaser CE on this page is not the most current release.

Version: 2.8.4
Released: 15th August 2017
Next Version: 2.8.5
Previous Version: 2.8.3


Download this version of Phaser CE from npm. Need more details? Follow this tutorial

npm install phaser-ce@2.8.4

Change Log

Version 2.8.4 - 15th August 2017


Bug Fixes

  • Improved animation synchronization during irregular frame rates (#310).
  • Fixed bad game reference in Phaser.Creature.
  • Fixed wrong dimensions of Debug#canvas and Debug#sprite when a WEBGL game is scaled (#298).
  • TileSprite#tint now works when rendering with CANVAS.
  • Fixed sprites not receiving a preUpdate when they have a fresh ancestor with a physics body, which would leave them fresh and with incorrect world and body.position values for several frames (#299).
  • Fixed movement of sprites with fixedToCamera when dragged by pointer (#297).
  • Fixed Creature relative anchor points to be absolute (#288).
  • Fixed P2 Physics body not rotating shape (#258).
  • Audio is now also unlocked for Android Chrome ≥ 55, fixing audio not playing in cross-origin iframes (#37).
  • Fixed some TypeScript definitions (#317, #319).



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