This version is out of date

The version of Phaser CE on this page is not the most current release.

Version: 2.7.2
Released: 6th December 2016
Next Version: 2.7.3
Previous Version: 2.7.1


Download this version of Phaser CE from npm. Need more details? Follow this tutorial

npm install phaser-ce@2.7.2

Change Log

New Features

  • Added feature: set character limit with suffix


  • Clarification of time units in Phaser.Sound
  • Clarification of group.exists behavior
  • Clarification of fixedToCamera semantics
  • change Emitter.gravity from number to Phaser.Point
  • Fixed issue causing tsc to crap out under certain circumstances

Bug Fixes

  • Floating Gamepad buttons now work correctly when partially pressing and releasing
  • Phaser.Line.intersectsRectangle() now works correctly for horizontal and vertical lines (#2942).
  • removeTextureAtlas now deletes the correct cache object.